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The communities we serve are located in Northern Mohave County, Arizona. They include Dolan Springs, Meadview, Mead City, and White Hills. The 2010 Census shows a population of approximately 10,000 for this area. Additionally, we have about 2,000 tourists a day traveling through our area to the West Rim of the Grand Canyon.

Dolan Springs is located in Arizona, off U.S. Route 93 between Kingman, Arizona and the Hoover Dam just South of Las Vegas, Nevada. Dolan Springs is an unincorporated city of Mohave County with a population of 2,051 per the 2010 U.S. Census. The town sits at the base of 6,900 ft Mt. Tipton, which is part of the Cerbat Mountains. The Chamber of Commerce is located just up Pierce Ferry Rd from the fire station. The closest incorporated city is Kingman, which is about 35 miles south on U.S. Hwy 93. We have many travelers come through our small town on their way to the Grand Canyon West with it’s newly built “Skywalk”.

Meadview and Lake Mead City are also unincorporated cities of Mohave County. They are located near Lake Mead on Pierce Ferry Rd. See their official page for more information!


Did not follow posted speed limit…..

White Hills is a small community located off US Hwy 93, 28 miles south of the Hoover Dam. This area is known forRosie’s Den and the Last Stop.


Our communities welcome visitors,  but please observe posted speed limits, especially the 25 mph through towns. Many of the deputy sheriffs who work out here also live here, and take great enjoyment in enforcing posted speed limits!
After all, it is about safety!

Open Range

The length of Pierce Ferry Rd. is considered “open range”. This means that cattle are able to roam freely, which includes crossing roads. Please drive with caution, especially at night.


As if the endless desert and Joshua Trees weren’t enough of a reminder, then please remember that we are out in the desert! The area is inhabited by snakes, coyotes, spiders, desert tortoise, and Joshua trees. When it comes to wildlife, common sense should prevail. If you are unsure about whether or not a snake or insect is poisonous, please leave it alone! Also note that rattle snakes have the ability to inject venom even after death. Below are some helpful links to sites regarding our desert wildlife and Joshua trees. The desert tortoise is a protected creature and should be left alone!

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