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Public Notices | Announcements | Other

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MEMO TO COMMUNITY - PUBLIC MEETINGS (changes with public participation) and changes to notices postings due to pandemic (COVID-19) notices will be posted on Website only, until further notice. (click here)

AZ Attorney General - OML/COVID-19  and  A.R.S. section 38-431.02 requires most public bodies to have a statement on their websites listing where they will post meeting notices. Each public body must post a notice for each meeting in all of the places listed in the statement. So, if a public body wanted only to post meeting notices electronically, it would have to make sure its web statement does not list any physical posting locations. The statute also requires most public bodies to “[p]ost all public meeting notices on their website and give additional public notice as is reasonable and practicable as to all meetings.” Does that require at least one physical posting location? It is not clear. Most public bodies seem to post in at least one physical location just to be on the safe side. But, in light of current circumstances, it is reasonable to argue that there are no publicly available physical locations that are reasonable and practicable at which to post meeting notices. 

Bottom line: It is reasonable for a public body to post meeting notices online only, particularly during a pandemic, as long as its online meeting notice statement says it will only post meeting notices online. 



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2019 LMRFD Board Meetings Schedule

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Public Notices | Announcements | Other

LMRFD - Videos (Meetings)


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